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How it works

EVS Solder Recovery video is available for you to view online in Windows Media Player format.

Solder Recovery Video (Optimised for ASDL)

The EVS Solder Recovery Systems provide a closed environment for the recovery of solder from the solder dross produced during the wave soldering process.

The EVS Solder Recovery Systems are self contained mobile units comprising of a mobile cart, dross delivery system, and a stand-alone filter, which consists of a four stage air filtration.

All EVS Solder Recovery Systems have full safety protection which includes cover lock with automatic cut out, automatic locking of hopper door and solder tray lock. Also included are a visual light stack and air cooling knife for safe solder tray removal.

These systems are designed to be stand alone units which can operate at the convenience of the user company, running off a 208v to 240v single phase power supply and a standard air line without the need for external extraction or ducting of fumes exhausted from the process.

Usually one EVS Solder Recovery System will look after two to three wave solder machines and the larger EVS 10K range will de dross the biggest wave solder machine at the end of 8 hour shift.

The EVS is designed to wheel up to your wave solder machine and you de dross in the conventional way but instead of placing your dross in to a pale/bucket you place it directly into the EVS Solder Recovery System. The pre heated EVS Solder Recovery System patented process uses pneumatic pressure to extract the solder from the dross at temperature. The solder collected is formed into three ingots and they may be stored or returned immediately to the solder bath.

The EVS 1500 will hold 5kg/11lbs of dross, the EVS 1500LF will hold 3kg/6lbs, the EVS 8K will hold 10kg/20lbs, the EVS 8KLF will hold 6kg/14lbs of dross, the larger EVS 10K will hold 20kg/44lbs of dross and the EVS 10KLF will hold 12kg/28lbs of dross.

The cycle time on the EVS1500 is 5-10 minutes, the EVS 8K is 6-12 minutes and the EVS 10K is 10-18 minutes.

With the NEW multi-Stroke software EVS has developed the longer the cycle time the higher the recovery rate.

The EVS heats the loaded dross to a preset operating temperature. Pressure is then applied via the pneumatic cylinder in order to compress the dross loaded into the machine. This process enables the majority of retained solder in the solder dross to be extracted. The spent dross is deposited from the operating chamber automatically in the dross bucket via the dross chute. So no operator involvement is required after pressing of the start button.

The controller of the EVS Solder Recovery System is completely isolated and runs on 24v. It is fully programmable and has a password protected interface so you may change temperature, cycle time, air knife time.

There is an interim service halt on the EVS Solder Recovery Systems to ensure maintenance is performed on the machine. The Interim Service walks the operator through the procedure step by step telling the operator what to do making the service procedure much more simple and faster. ( approx 5 minutes).

The EVS machines are programmed not to run again until the operator removes the tray containing the pure recovered solder and replaces it with a new tray.

The new range of EVS Solder Recovery Systems have heaters that are protected by Solid State Relays to enhance their reliability.

The new range of EVS Solder Recovery Systems programs are interlinked with the locking system to provide total security.

EVS have endeavoured to eliminate operator error; by listening to its customers and distributors and designed the NEW EVS 1500, EVS 8K and EVS 10K range to be virtually operator error proof.

There is also a functional and warning light stack to enable the operator to see the machine's status from a distance.

Air Filtration and Extraction
Fumes are automatically extracted via a high efficiency stand alone filter which consists of a NEW two part filtration system - The NEW combination filter has been specially designed by EVS to reduce the amount of filters and filter changes needed and Activated carbon filter.

The NEW combination filter can also be used in all older EVS models.

EVS have also designed a new HS High Solids fume extraction to handle the higher solids fluxes and fluxes used with Lead Free Solders.

Dross Chute
The drop-through dross collecting chute is a two part telescopic design and is attached to the underside of the EVS Solder Recovery Systems. The chute provides a sealed conduit to allow the dross remaining at the end of the cycle to be deposited into a dross container thus automating the whole cycle and freeing up the operator to concentrate on cleaning the wave solder machine.


  • Advanced LCD control and service prompt system.
  • 4 wheeled steerable trolley/cart complete with stainless shelf.
  • Integral Solder Tray Lock
  • Integral Filling Hopper Lock
  • Functional & Warning Light Stack
  • Drop through hopper and chute to automate dross handling and channel dross into the sealed bucket.
  • Stand-alone filtration system fitted with the NEW combination filter and 9-panel activated charcoal system to allow air extraction and filtration from loading hopper and EVS body including two hoses.
  • Comprehensive operating and maintenance manual.
  • Pack of cleaning tools.
  • Hopper Filling Extraction System
  • Air cooling knife

Power On Button, Start Button, Cycle Light, Ready Light. LCD display indicating temperature, cycle time, cycles elapsed, fault status, maintenance status. Auto/Manual key switch and Mode button, hot or cold dross operation switch and password protected fully programmable process control system

Cover lock with automatic cut out, hopper door with automatic cut out, magnetic tray position sensor, hopper lock, solder tray lock, visual light stack and air cooling knife for safe solder tray removal.

The EVS will save your company thousands of Dollars/Euros/Pounds each month in solder purchases, speed up your down time by dedrossing faster and help with your environmental credentials and lead reduction.

As you are aware the EVS is a unique product that will enable you to recover, on average, 50-70% pure solder from all the dross you are currently sending away. As a result, your monthly solder purchases will up to 50% of what you are currently spending. The EVS has a very fast payback.

The EVS is fully lead free compatible now.

Each EVS system has a Lead and Lead Free version.

The EVS creates huge savings in hours spent dedrossing. Our customers report up to 75% less time = More productive line time.

The EVS has a very fast payback (ROI) = More productive capital.

The EVS means much less storage and handling of dross = Freed-up space and more productive time.

The EVS means substantially less heavy lifting for staff, the heavy pure solder is retained by you = A happier, healthier staff.

The EVS makes a positive contribution to gaining and retaining ISO 14001 accreditation = A healthier environment and future for all.

The EVS reclaims your pure solder from the dross matrix = You have already paid for the solder you are simply taking it back.

The EVS speeds up the dedrossing process by up to 75%, less squeezing and no chopping without financial penalties. The pure solder is retained by you.

Staff are empowered by contributing to site savings and environmental improvements.

The EVS presents a rare opportunity to environmentally improve your manufacturing process while at the same time providing a substantial positive payback.