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Environment and the EVS

The EVS can make a positive contribution to corporate policies with regard to a company's interaction with its immediate environment.

The EVS makes a significant contribution to attaining and retaining ISO 14001 compliance by effectively recycling large quantities of otherwise waste solder dross back to pure reusable solder. In a shop floor situation it does this quickly, cleanly and efficiently and unlike many other environmental measures, it saves significant sums of money as well . The processed solder can immediately be reintroduced to the solder bath.

Reducing waste produced by in house processes in turn reduces the purchase requirements for new product. Reductions in paperwork, bureaucracy, storage, transport (petrol etc.) will ensue..

The global thrust for business and environmental improvement is encapsulated in the ISO14001 standard. This has been enthusiastically embraced by many multinational companies including:

Motorola, Kimball, Siemens, Celestica, Jabil, Flextronics, Sharp, Panasonic, etc. This list is continually expanding and is by no means complete.

ISO14001 is a voluntary standard which allows a company to establish systems which minimise the company's effect on the environment. The benefits of ISO14001 include

  1. Cost savings and reduced consumption and waste through conservation and recycling
  2. Cost savings from anticipating future legislation and regulations and installing necessary environmental controls
  3. Cost savings in insurance premiums due to lower inherent risks
  4. A marketing advantage by meeting current and future legislation (lower risk of vertical litigation), meeting ISO14001 companies requirements and by demonstrating environmental friendliness to the open market.
  5. Improved supplier and staff motivation.

The two areas where the EVS can impact are:

  1. Sector Application Guide (SAG). Here the EVS (or generic dross reducing technology) is likely to form part of the industry best practice guide.
  2. Economically Viable Application of Best Available Technology (EVABAT). This is the interpretation of the SAG into recommended technology. We are hoping to have the EVS included here as an official recommendation. Certainly it will be offered as an unofficial recommendation.

A Company which has or is aiming to qualify for ISO14001 has to consider the EVS very seriously.