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EVS 8kThe new EVS 8k & the new 10k lead and lead free range of solder recovery systems

EVS International worked with the global marketplace to gain invaluable feedback from which to develop solder dross recovery solutions that satisfy the high standards required from a modern manufacturing environment; particularly with regard to reliability, ease of operation, maintenance, and environmental management.

The new EVS 8K, EVS 8KLF and the new EVS 10K, EVS 10KLF are a culmination of this process and offers manufacturers solutions for all of these issues with reduced footprint, advanced electronic controls and integrated diagnostics.

We have listened to our customerís feedback and developed and launched the new upgrade EVS 8K and EVS 10K range. We have many new exciting and enervative upgraded and the new multi-stroke software giving a higher recovery rate.

The EVS8K offers a capacity of 10kg/20lb and the EVS 8KLF offers a capacity of 6kg/12lbs and the EVS 10K offer a capacity of 20kg/40lbs and the 10KLF offers a capacity of 12 kg/24lbs and has the ability for single operation de-drossing of even the largest wave soldering machines. Its integrated hopper makes rapid transfer of dross simpler and safer, and speeds de-drossing times by up to 75%.

This provides a cleaner wave with less maintenance, less downtime and a reduction in shorts and bridging, as well as the potential to discontinue the use of messy wave oils and/or dross reduction powders.

The process uses heat and pressure inside a magnetised cylinder to separate and return pure solder into an ingot tray. The remainder of the material is automatically ejected down a sealed chute into a dross bucket. Hundreds of solder assays prove that the recovered pure solder is exactly the same specification as the solder in the WSM pot. This has been authenticated by the solder manufacturers and confirmed by the International Tin Research Institute.

EVS International supports its product through 24-hour availability of spares and service and by partnering with quality distributors who have trained technicians and comprehensive spares stockholding.

The system offers the benefit of a rapid return on investment by recovering 50% - 75% pure solder from dross, with savings of up to 50% in solder costs. It will reduce dross off site by up to 70%, while reducing de-drossing time by up to 85%. The system provides a self-contained process to reduce the handling of dross and uses no chemicals, additives or toxic substances.

The EVS 8K and EVS 10K range will help a company to attain and retain ISO14001 accreditation with the added benefit of improving wave solder machine effectiveness. These new solutions follows on the heels of EVS Internationalís highly successful EVS 7000 and EVS 9000 range, which gained global approval with multiple industry awards, including Product of the Year at the most recent Productronica.

The EVS 8K and the EVS 10K come in both a lead or lead free version making these new EVS solder Recovery systems extremely attraction to customers looking to save money of solder purchases.

For further information or to book a free no-obligation demonstration of any EVS products please contact us.