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The Lean, Clean, Green Machine

Q. What percentage of your solder ends up as dross?
A. On average 50-75% of solder is thrown away as dross!!

Calculate the savings you could be making now

Lean: Rapid Return on Investment

On average the new EVS will recover 50-75% of hot solder dross produced by wave soldering machines as reusable solder. This generally equates to a reduction in solder purchases of 40-50%+.

Running costs are negligible since the machine only uses a single phase electricity supply, an in house airline and the same operators that are already dedrossing the waves.

Within a very short cycle time the pure solder is recovered and after cooling is ready to put back in to the solder pot.

As it becomes a requirement to use lead free solder these savings increase dramatically as LEAD FREE solders are much more expensive and the new EVS is already lead free solder compatible - no upgrade is required!

Other cost savings are made by:

  • 50-75% recovery of pure solder from your dross. ( Very fast Payback)
  • 50% to 85% reduction in dedrossing time, improving productivity and line up time.
  • Reduction in handling of heavy, dirty lead contaminated solder dross
  • Less paper work
  • Ease of use - minimal training is required and no extra labour costs

Clean: Self Contained Process

The new EVS's self-contained process avoids excessive handling of heavy dirty lead contaminated dross.

It can operate with its own filtration system filtering out smells and noxious fumes, and uses no chemicals, radiation, additives or other noxious substances.

Green: Environmental Savings

The new EVS recovers waste material and returns it to usable product on site at the point of manufacture, reducing heavy lifting and moving of dirty substances around the workplace, and the transportation by road of materials to and from the supplier.

Paper work and administrative time and energy are reduced

All important for a company trying to achieve ISO14001, the coveted international environmental standard. In fact the new EVS is a positive contribution to gaining and retaining ISO14001

EVS machines fit perfectly with ISO14001 mantra of RECYLE-REDUCE-REUSE.

Most environmental improvements you do in electronics costs money.

The EVS solder Recovery systems actually save money and give you a payback as well as achieving an environmental impact.

Other Features and Benefits of the EVS Machine

  • Stop using messy wave oils to reduce dross
  • Stop using dross reducing chemical and powders to reduce dross
  • Improves efficiency of wave soldering (Less shorts and rework)
  • Cleaner workshop floor
  • Free up space in storage
  • Small footprint
  • Manufactured to international standards by experts in the wave solder process and flux processes
  • Back-up service by experienced engineers
  • Easy to service - low maintenance available options
  • Consistent wave height
  • Longer intervals between service
  • Improve solder quality (less oxidation)
  • Reduce dross off-site by up to 85%
  • Qualify company (i.e. better perceived by business world, government, customers, suppliers)
  • Transportation, energy saving
  • No chemicals and less heavy lifting (therefore safer, happier employees)
  • Eliminates Nitrogen from the process

For further information or to book a free no-obligation demonstration of any EVS products please contact us.