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The NEW EVS Solder Recovery Systems are fully LEAD Free compatible NOW

Each Model has a Lead Free versions, The New EVS 1500LF, The New EVS 8KLF and the New EVS 10KLF.

Lead free solder is already in use around the world and many EVS customers are using the EVS Solder Recovery Systems on all types of lead free alloys (SAC305, SN100 and SAC X ECT). In Europe, the European Union has eliminated the use of LEAD from the Electronics Industry completely.

Also Japan has eliminated lead from in electronics industry worldwide and the rest of the world is following at an accelerated pace.

The price of lead free solder is 3 to 4 times that of present leaded solder so that the savings and payback from using EVS technology has leapt forward making solder recovery the fastest payback of all circuit board assembly capital purchases.

EVS is used worldwide reclaiming pure LEAD Free Solder at numerous locations.

One major USA manufacture after installing EVS on their two LEAD Free lines found their savings to be $1000 per day paying for the EVS in WEEKS not months or years.

EVS also produces a dramatic reduction in DROSS off site. Our customers report on average 50-70% helping plants around the world Gain/Retain the ISO14001 Environmental Standard as well as a very good financial payback.

Also see case studies from:

For more information on Lead Free solder see the SOLDERTEC Lead Free website.
SOLDERTEC are the worlds leading authority on Solder and LEAD Free Implementation.

Also visit Bob Willis' website on Lead Free Soldering or