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Expert in Soldering - Bob Willis

Bob Willis

Bob Willis has been providing training and consultancy services in the electronics industry for the last 15 years. Through experience in conventional, surface mount, ball grid array and printed board manufacture Bob is able to bring both practical and theoretical experience to customers’ lead-free training and consultancy projects. With one of the widest ranges of training products in the industry, Bob is also able to provide both lead-free in-house training and distance learning products as well as inspection and quality control materials. Bob is an active member of the SMART Group, Europe’s largest surface mount and related technologies association as well as many other trade groups like IPC, SMTA and ICT. Although much of the work in Europe is training and providing process support he has also been involved in running training events and consultancy in the USA and the Far East.


Assembly and soldering problems often occur in our industry and sometimes support to quickly eliminate the true cause of production failures can be beneficial. Lead-free can be achieved with a technical support program or an on site examination of products or processes. Selecting lead-free materials, equipment, new processes or reviewing designs for manufacture can often require additional technical support for your company. Selecting printed board suppliers or contract assembly services is another service we provide for our customers. When and if field failures occur with lead-free it is beneficial to have an independent view, this can often pinpoint the real cause of the problem. Independent views can avoid protracted discussions, which may lead to unnecessary cost implications.

Training Workshops

Our lead-free in-house training workshops can be run as theoretical sessions or complete hands-on events based on our standard training modules. Alternatively any of the workshops can be modified to suit individual company requirements. A full listing of the workshop contents can be provided by email or obtained direct from our website.

Lead-free training

  • Lead-Free Assembly and Soldering Master Class
  • Lead-Free Single & Double Sided Reflow Assembly
  • Hand Soldering and De-Soldering
  • Hands On Wave Soldering & Process Control
  • Pin in Hole/Intrusive Reflow Design and Assembly

  • Selecting Solderable Finishes for Lead-Free
  • 0201 Chip Design, Assembly & Soldering
  • PPM/DPMO Process Monitoring Introduction
  • X-Ray Inspection of BGA and Quality Standards
  • Rework and Repair of Surface Mount and BGA

Conferences & Seminars

Having organised lead-free seminars, conference and production lines for many of the leading suppliers in the industry we are also able to provide a complete seminar or roadshow service. This includes organisation of technical seminars, audio visual support as well as on-line booking of delegates. Bob has successfully organised lead-free seminars and production lines at leading exhibitions in the UK and Europe including many multi-company projects.

Products Available

We offer an extensive range of training, inspection and quality control products to support your company’s training initiatives. The training videos and interactive CD-ROMs are ideal for distance learning, the photo CDs can be used to create your own training material. The
poster sets are an instant solution to shop floor education.

Lead-free inspection poster set

Lead-Free Inspection & Defect Guide (12)

Lead-free interactive CD-ROMs

  • NPL Lead-Free Assembly & Soldering Cook Book 3
  • Soldertec Wave Soldering Process Introduction & Defect Guide
  • Soldertec Reflow Soldering & Temperature Profiling
  • Soldertec Hand Soldering & Desoldering
  • BGA Inspection & Lead-Free Defects Guide
  • Surface Mount Process Defect Guide 3
  • Rework and Repair of Conventional & SMT 2
  • SMT/Conventional Inspection & Quality Control

CD-ROM Photo Albums

  • Lead-Free Assembly & Soldering Defects
  • Pin in Hole Intrusive Reflow
  • Ball Grid Array Assembly & Soldering
  • Flip Chip Assembly & Soldering
  • X-Ray Inspection Solder Defects

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