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  • Rapid ROI Return on Investment (Months not Years)

  • Improvements for your Wave Solder Process

  • ISO14001 Gain or Retain (RECYCLE-REDUCE-REUSE)

  • Productivity Improvements (Save MONEY and TIME)

  • Reduction of Costs (Solder-Rework-Nitrogen-Labour-Time)

  • Different Size EVS machines for different applications

Solder Recovery System Turns Dross into Dollars

The new EVS 1500 and 8k, 10k range

The new EVS 1500, 8k and 10k Solder Recovery Systems recover on average 50-75% of Solder from your Dross. This equates to a reduction in your solder usage of up to 50% for the same amount of Production.

All models have both LEAD and LEAD FREE VERSIONS.

Rapid Payback is often achieved on purchase price within months.

Self contained process avoids excessive handling of heavy, dirty, contaminated solder dross. Reduces storage and halves de-drossing time.

Speeds up wave downtime as EVS Solder Recovery System enables you to dedross faster and more efficiently.

Our Solder Recovery video is available for you to view online Windows Media Player Format.

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If you are interested in a full demonstration please contact us

ISO14001 - Recycle ~ Reduce ~ Reuse

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MARCH 2014


EVS International’s Updated Award-Winning Solder Recovery System Available at National Electronics Week South Africa.


March 2014 EVS International, the World leader in solder recovery, will exhibit the updated, multiple award-winning EVS 1000 Solder Recovery System in Hall 4, Booth B19 at the National Electronics Week at the Gallagher Convention Centre Midrand Johannesburg on March 11th and March 12th.


The new-generation EVS 1000 features all of the recovery performance of its standard and lead-free solder units. The smaller size and footprint helps to reduce cost and carbon footprint, while still providing a capacity of 5 kg / 10lbs  of dross, resulting in rapid ROI as well as substantially improving the wave soldering  process and improving  productivity. The EVS 1000 can convert waste dross quickly into pure solder in minutes not hours, while improving the wave solder machine process.


 This provides a cleaner wave with less maintenance, less downtime, and a significant  reduction in rework, shorts and bridging as well as the potential to discontinue the use of messy wave oils and/or dross reduction powders. Additionally, EVS 1000 is designed to enhance ISO-14001 and helps gain or retain this prestigious management standard.


The EVS 1000 is aimed at small- to medium-volume users who typically have one to three wave solder machines and who must regularly dedross or use nitrogen to reduce drossing. This group currently comprises the majority of users in the industry. By using the EVS 1000, nitrogen can be dramatically reduced or eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings.


The EVS 1000 has vastly increased EVS International’s coverage of the wave solder marketplace and has revolutionized its total market penetration , by returning a Very Rapid R O I EVS enhances its Customers profitability .


EVS International’s highly successful EVS 1000 has gained global approval with 17 worldwide industry awards including “Winner of Best Product” and “Product of the Year.”


For more information about EVS International’s industry-leading systems, visit with an EVS International representative in Hall 4, Booth B19 at the National Electronics Week at the Gallagher Convention Centre Midrand Johannesburg on March 11th and March 12th.