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  • Rapid ROI Return on Investment (Months not Years)

  • Improvements for your Wave Solder Process

  • ISO14001 Gain or Retain (RECYCLE-REDUCE-REUSE)

  • Productivity Improvements (Save MONEY and TIME)

  • Reduction of Costs (Solder-Rework-Nitrogen-Labour-Time)

  • Different Size EVS machines for different applications

Solder Recovery System Turns Dross into Dollars

The new EVS 1500 and 8k, 10k range

The new EVS 1500, 8k and 10k Solder Recovery Systems recover on average 50-75% of Solder from your Dross. This equates to a reduction in your solder usage of up to 50% for the same amount of Production.

All models have both LEAD and LEAD FREE VERSIONS.

Rapid Payback is often achieved on purchase price within months.

Self contained process avoids excessive handling of heavy, dirty, contaminated solder dross. Reduces storage and halves de-drossing time.

Speeds up wave downtime as EVS Solder Recovery System enables you to dedross faster and more efficiently.

Our Solder Recovery video is available for you to view online Windows Media Player Format.

Get Windows Media PlayerSolder Recovery Video (Optimised for 56K)
Solder Recovery Video (Optimised for ISDN / ADSL)

If you are interested in a full demonstration please contact us

ISO14001 - Recycle ~ Reduce ~ Reuse

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  EVS International Appoints Distributor in Brazil


 EVS International, the leader in solder recovery, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Hitech Eletrônica as its distributor in Brazil. Hitech Eletrônica is an industry-recognized specialist in electronic products.


"Simon G. Norman, Business Director, EVS International, said, “Hitech is an expert in its field with a wealth of experience and an impressive reputation for support and service. With the heightened awareness of the environment in Brazil and the significant increase in solder costs over the last several years, every manufacturer is looking to reduce costs, improve productivity and conform to IS14001. EVS Solder Recovery systems contribute significantly in these areas. Joining a partnership with Hitech will give EVS International a strong presence in this important marketplace."


Hitech Eletrônica is a South American representative and value-added distributor of a wide range of high-tech products, solutions and services covering the entire electronic design and production supply chain, including EDA, semiconductors, peripherals, production and test equipment as well as maintenance and professional services. Established in Brazil since 1974, Hitech operates out of two locations, SP and Manaus, and is qualified with many years of both technical and application expertise.


Hitech Eletrônica will represent EVS International’s solder recovery equipment throughout Brazil.

For more information about Hitech Eletrônica’s products and services, contact Marcos Eduardo, Hitech’s General Manager, at (55-19) 3935-2706 or on the Web at