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Targeting ISO14001 For The Electronics Industry

EVS International is the vanguard of waste recovery management in the electronics industry and with its unique new EVS 8K and the NEW EVS 10K range of Solder Recovery Machines demonstrates that environmentally sound practice can prove to be extremely profitable too.

Since it began operating just a year ago EVS International has worked tirelessly with its world-wide customer base to develop a universal standard for the simple workplace recovery of pure solder from waste solder dross generated through the wave solder process. The result, the new EVS range of machines is a complete, self contained, state of the art system which is easy to use, extremely cheap to run and which as a rule cuts customers solder consumption by 50% plus.

The process which is patented world-wide is simple yet impressively effective, so much so that until they see it for themselves most people do not believe the results are possible. No chemical or additives are involved , the EVS Solder Recovery Systems just heats the dross to 380 °C / 716 °F in its heating chamber and then pneumatically compresses it to recover an average 50-70% by weight as reusable solder.

The solder is reclaimed in the form of ingots which can be instantly reintroduced into the solder bath or stored for later use. The spent dross is ejected automatically into a dross bin mounted underneath the EVS machine.

The purity of solder recovered by the EVS machine has been proved countless times by independent assay results to be extremely high and well within the parameters of new solder bar.

Operationally the system couldn't be easier to use. Positioned next to the wave solder bath, at the end of each shift (or more frequently if required) the operator simply removes the dross in the usual way and instead of discarding into a bucket places it into the EVS hopper. The machine having been previously brought up to temperature, is then switched on and automatically runs through its cycle, providing reusable solder within six minutes . The units self contained microprocessor controls all the functions and an LCD read out monitors and records progress. Fumes are extracted though the units own powerful four part filtration system which ensures the emitted air is usually cleaner than the surrounding workplace.

The different sizes of wave soldering machines are catered for by the range of the EVS - from the 5kg/11lbs of 20kg/44lbs.

All the range have a lead and lead free version.

Frugality and simplicity are further enhanced by the systems minimal requirements of a single phase 13Amp power supply and a six bar air line. Plug the EVS into both services and it is ready to go.

Maintenance also is quick and uncomplicated. The on board diagnostics prompts full and interim services which are primarily concerned with ensuring the operating surfaces of the machine are kept clean and free flowing.

EVS International EVS system provides savings and efficiencies in many ways. The EVS removes the need for complex and expensive inert gas systems to reduce oxidisation (dross) . The EVS system is much cheaper to procure and operate and recovers solder however much dross is produced. Similarly additives aimed at reducing oxidation are also unnecessary. The speed and ease of de-drossing when using an EVS makes more frequent de-drossing a viable option, which in turn improves the quality of the solder bath and its operational efficiency.

The impending introduction of more expensive lead free solders will greatly increase the savings made by using the EVS system.

Reduced production of toxic dross means less material handling, less transport back and forth to the reprocessors and less paperwork and administration. These are also big plus points for the system.

All of these features are significant in working towards the ISO14001 standard which is becoming the goal of most international electronic companies. Of the many environmental conservation measures that are being adopted the EVS system can be said to demonstrate the most dramatic and readily justifiable payback, a feature that pleases the accountants and buyers even more than those involved in operations.

EVS International is only a small company but its impact on the workplace environment is destined to have a world-wide impact.

For further details contact us.