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Schneider Automation - June 2000

Schneider Automation
North Andover

A Study on the Effectiveness of the Dross Recovery System

Background Information

Schneider Automation, leading manufacturer and marketer of high technology Programmable Logic Controllers, (PLC's) and Motion Control Systems

Why Install the Dross Recovery System?
Before the system was in place, solder volume per month was 1200lbs. And six months later, after the installation of the Dross Recovery System, it is 600lbs. With the same manufacturing volumes still being used. The system is easy to operate with little to no down time. It fits into the standard wave solder dross removal process requiring no additional user time. The system provides a clean lead-free environment for the users and actually eliminates lead handling with the automated dross into the bucket system that is built into the system with its optional cart.
Installing the Solder Recovery System
Chuck Babcock, Schneider Automations' manufacturing Engineering Manager, says, "The Solder Recovery System was installed in our factory in just a couple of hours. The training required was minimal and we immediately started to see dross reduction and solder consumption shrinkage.

The ISO-14001 Compliance Issue
The machine also satisfied an ISO-14001 compliance issue. Schneider did not have any proactive manufacturing processes in place to reduce waste in compliance with ISO-14001. The Solder Recovery System provided an answer to this issue. At the same time we created savings of $20K per year in solder costs".

Schneider Automation have reported that the implementation of the Dross Recovery System is a quick and simple installation procedure. There is no major time lost within the company and among it's staff during the implementation of the system and the training that is required is not very time-consuming either.

With the installation of the Recovery system there is no long wait for the profits of the recovery system to appear within the company. Dross reduction and solder consumption are seen immediately.